Bavaria isn't just home to grand cities and culture, but also to country life with all its charming aspects. Working farms in the Amberg-Sulzbacher region demonstrate how to produce healthy food and happy animals. For children especially, coming into contact with nature on a farm can be an important and incomparable experience. Whether riding on a tractor, feeding the animals in their stalls, harvesting hay, or gathering berries and mushrooms in the woods - this is how children can best learn where their food comes from and how it is produced. A farm vacation is a true family vacation!

Holidays at Fuchsbau

Alfred und Anna Fuchs
Betzenberg 16
92262 Birgland-Betzenberg
Tel.: 09666 / 497

Holidays on Res'nhof

Café und Gastwirtschaft "Zum Res'n"
Christa und Hans Wagner
Neutras 3
92268 Etzelwang
Tel.: 09154 / 919710

Holidays on Laubhof

Gaststüberl Christoph Ulrich
Laubhof 1
92256 Hahnbach
Tel.: 09664 / 307

Country Hotel Zum Elsabauern

Pruppach 3
92275 Hirschbach
Tel.: 09665 / 91450

At Häberl's

Konrad und Gunda Lederer
Funkenreuth 9
92281 Königstein
Tel.: 09665 / 2478


Hans Pilhofer
Wildenhof 1
92281 Königstein
Tel.: 09665 / 239

Holidays on Rennerhof

Fritz Renner
Siebeneichen 19
92237 Sulzbach-Rosenberg
Tel.: 09661 / 7929