Nature's Treasures

No other region in Germany has as many interesting and variable soil formations. In the east, we find the foothills of the Oberpfälzer forest, in the south and west the landscape of the Juras carries the imprint of a long-forgotten ocean. It is here that the Jura reveals its rich geological treasure. Countless reef formations, sink holes, caves and jagged peaks shape the landscape. The district encompasses almost the entire Jura and it is a kind of Mecca for hobby geologists and fossil collectors. And with its far-reaching forests, heavy with mystical stillness, the Amberg-Sulzbacher region is one of Bavaria's most densely forested areas. The juniper moors and grasslands in Vils- and Lauterachtal offer a very different picture. The lowlands of the Hahnbacher Becken and the Vilsecker Mulde, on the other hand, are home to countless species of plants and animals dependent on damp habitats. There are two nature parks in Amberg-Sulzbacher - the Naturpark Fränkische Schweiz - Veldensteiner Forst and the Naturpark Hirschwald. In the area around Hohenburg, 14 species of Bavarian bats have made their home! And it is here that the only nursery roost for the greater horseshoe bat in Germany can be found and visited - at the Fledermaushaus (Bat House).

Vilsecker Mulde

49.628331, 11.849851
92249 Vilseck

Orchid "Frauenschuh"

Lichtenegg, 92262 Birgland.
About 1 and a half hour long hikingtour, follow Nr. 34


Erzhausstraße 12
92237 Sulzbach-Rosenberg
Dates for visiting:

Source of Vils

Zur Vilsquelle, Kleinschönbrunn
92271 Freihung


Climbing rock:

Hop garden

92278 Illschwang


92266 Ensdorf
49.342524, 11.927953

Bavarian Tuscany

Lauterach valley
92277 Hohenburg, 92280 Kastl

Bat house

Marktplatz 32
92277 Hohenburg
Tel.: 09626 9299772

Cave Peilstein

92259 Neukirchen


92275 Hirschbach


91284 Neuhaus
Tel.: 09156 434

Cave Osterhöhle

92259 Neukirchen
Tel.: 0172 5470166

Stone city

91275 Auerbach