A taste of home – that's what a real Schlachtschüssel is. The Schlachtschüssel stands for irresistible freshness, the likes of which is seldom found these days. There are still many small restaurants in Amberg-Sulzbacher that regularly offer Schlachtschüssel. A highly-individual handicraft brought to the table: Traditional "Wurschtsuppn" with steaming boiled pork belly and hearty blood, liver, and bratwurst prepared according to family recipes. Rounding out the meal, the host or butcher, who still personally knows their meat supplier, offers sauerkraut, oven-warm bread, or potatoes. And you will taste immediately that the distance from field to plate is literally not far. And because the prices are quite reasonable, it's worth a second trip! In the following download you can find all restaurants that offer 'Schlachtschüssel":