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Rocks. Caves. Adventure.

The Amberg-Sulzbacher region is an insider's tip for hiking vacations: Impressive limestone cliffs, the gentle peaks of the Jura mountains, seemingly endless forests, and charming river valleys offer a varied and impressive natural scenery in the middle of Bavaria. 

The Erzweg and Jurasteig provide two outstanding hiking trails that are counted among the very best German trails with a promise of pure hiking pleasure. These tours lead you over light-bathed rocky ridges, Mediterranean-like karst landscapes, and through deep-cut valleys. The Erzweg combines varied scenery with historical remnants from industrialization. The Jurasteig is a loop trail through the peaks and valleys of the Bavarian Jura mountains. Rivers, such as the Vils and Lauterach, invite nature-lovers to follow their path. 

The Wacholderwanderweg is one of the most beautiful hiking trails. The cave hikes here are a special feature. Additional tour suggestions guide you to the countless caves of the secluded cliff world, waiting to be discovered by flashlight.

The Jakobsweg also passes through the Amberg-Sulzbacher region. Many more loop and long-distance trails await you on your next "active" vacation in the Amberg-Sulzbacher region.