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Feasting, fish and wild weeks

Venison, mushrooms, asparagus, fish, and many other seasonal products round out the gourmet menus of the Amberg-Sulzbacher region.

And the yearly wild game weeks (Wildwochen) and "treat" weeks (Schmankerlwochen) are known far beyond the district.

In fall, the Wildwochen in Schmidmühlen brings the best wild boar, venison, and stag the forest and meadow can offer. The chefs have many ideas as to how to prepare the regional game in fresh and delicious ways for your plate. Guests can savour pheasant breast with porcini mushrooms, venison steak with wild pepper sauce, or lard-studded thigh of wild hare.

The yearly Sulzbach-Rosenberger Schmankerlwochen also takes place in fall. Many restaurateurs from the city of Sulzbach-Rosenberg and the surrounding area present extravagant, mouth-watering menus that you rarely see during the rest of the year.


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Fish weeks

21.03. - 12.04.

Gourmet weeks

15.10. - 15.11.

Wild game weeks

Dates will follow...