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Fun and adventure - whatever the weather

The Monte Kaolino amusement park is considered a top highlight in Bavaria. Not only the unique sand skiing, but also the Monte Coaster, the outdoor dune pool or the forest high ropes course make the "White Mountain" unforgettable for every visitor.

The planetarium in Ursensollen, the pirate playground in Amberg or the eerily beautiful atmosphere in the Maximilian's Grotto and the Easter Cave also offer fun and adventure.

Even when the weather is bad, there is plenty on offer for little water rats at the Kurfürstenbad.

Sieben Quellen

Mini golf - snack bar - e-bike rental
Rieglesbrunnenstraße 31
92237 Sulzbach-Rosenberg
Phone: 09661 / 9064680

Monte Kaolino

Leisure park with adventure golf, sandboarding, summer toboggan run, and much more.
Wolfgang-Droßbach-Straße 11
92242 Hirschau

Pirate playground

in the "Landesgartenschaugelände"

92224 Amberg

Kurfürstenbad Amberg

Kurfürstenring 2
92224 Amberg

Phone: 09621 / 603-830


Cave with forest tavern

92259 Neukirchen
Phone: 09663 / 2009747

outside of opening hours: 09663 / 8049080


Show cave with Germany's largest dripstone

91284 Neuhaus
Phone: 09156 / 434

Cave hiking

Various round tours in the Amberg-Sulzbach region to a wide range of different caves.
Only from April to October!


Allmannsberger Weg 20
92289 Ursensollen

School museum

Schloßbergweg 10a

92237 Sulzbach-Rosenberg
Phone: 09661 / 7533

Riding out

Trail riding Stormy Horse Ranch

Windmühle 2

92281 Königstein

Phone: 0179 / 6033090

Hirschpark Heinzhof

Rotwildgehege und Gaststätte
Heinzhof 5

92289 Ursensollen
Phone: 09628 / 91153

Wildschweingehege Waldhaus

Waldhaus 1

92289 Ursensollen
Publicly accessible

Eseltour Hackern

Die Wilde 8
Hackern 8

92278 Illschwang
Phone: 09666 / 188340

Ochsentour Auerbach

Leisurely, 2.6-kilometer walk around the Leonie pit fields with aurochs. 
Not suitable for baby carriages, beware of the electric fence!

Start: Schützenheim Degelsdorf, 91275 Auerbach

Wildgehege Kreuth

A leisurely 2-3 kilometer walk around the game reserve in Kreuth. 

On the grounds of Gut Matheshof. 

92286 Rieden

Canoe and barge trip

With the canoe or the Zille along the Vils...