The best seat to enjoy the pearl of Bavarian nature, the river Vils, is in a canoe on this waterway. This river offers everything from unspoiled, wildly-romantic sections historic castles to a cruise through historic Amberg, the "Venice of Oberpfalz". You can rent canoes at the Umweltstation Ensdorf, the Kanuverleih Hahnbach and at Willy´s Kanuverleih. In Hahnbach, you can take a ferry cruise on the Vils; in Amberg, you can ride flat-bottomed barges modelled on historic ore carriers.

Canoe Rental Ensdorf

Umweltstation Kloster Ensdorf
Hauptstraße 9
92266 Ensdorf
Tel.: 09624 / 9200-42

Willy's Canoe Rental

Schmiedberg 1
92272 Freudenberg
Tel.: 09621 / 9609677
Mobil: 0176 / 22665871

Canoe Rental Hahnbach

Hauptstraße 53
92256 Hahnbach
Tel.: 09664 / 953356

Ride on Zille

Markt Hahnbach
Herbert-Falk-Str. 5
92256 Hahnbach
Tel.: 09664 / 9134-0

Ride on Plätte

Tourist-Information Amberg
Hallplatz 2
92224 Amberg
Tel.: 09621 / 10-1239