Questions & Answers

1Where is the Amberg-Sulzbacher Land located?
In Bavaria, between Regensburg and Nuremberg.
2What is the Amberg-Sulzbacher Land?
A Bavarian vacation region with 27 municipalities.
3Can I arrive by train?
Yes, you will find train stations in the following towns: Vilseck, Etzelwang, Neukirchen, Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Amberg, as well as in Pegnitz, Neuhaus a.d. Pegnitz or Hartmannshof.
4How can I book my vacation in the Amberg-Sulzbacher Land?
Here you can book your vacation: Accommodation search
Some providers can be booked online, some can be booked by phone or e-mail. You are also welcome to choose your accommodation in the holiday magazine.
5Are there campsites in the Amberg-Sulzbacher Land?
Yes, you can find them on Camping
6Are there camper van sites in the Amberg-Sulzbacher Land region?
Yes, you can find them on Camping
7Are there wellness hotels in the Amberg-Sulzbacher Land?
Yes, you can find them on Spas
8Can I stay overnight with my dog?
Yes! This is possible in some accommodations. Take a look at our Accomodation search.
9Where can I find canoe rental stations in the Amberg-Sulzbacher Land region?
You can find these under Water sports.
10When can I use my own canoe on the Vils?
With your own canoe at any time, but with respect for nature. So stay away from breeding grounds and don't leave any garbage behind.
11Where can I find e-bike charging stations in the Amberg-Sulzbacher Land region?
You can find these in the cycle map. You can download it or order it free of charge from the brochure store.
12Where is the Hoibruck located in the Amberg-Sulzbacher Land?
On the Schweppermann cycle path near Deinshof, Kastl.
13Where can I get climbing equipment for the Höhenglücksteig?
You can either buy your own climbing equipment, hire it as a member of the DAV or pay a fee at the Jura-Alpin adventure center in Hirschbach.
14Can I enter the caves in the Amberg-Sulzbach region in winter?
No. From 01.10. - 31.03. of each year, access is prohibited for the sake of the bats.
15What is a Kirwa?
A Kirwa is a unique festival in the Upper Palatinate, of which almost every village has its own. A tree is erected, Kirwa couples are formed, they wear traditional costumes and dance around the tree on Sunday. You can find out more at Cultural heritage Kirwa.
16Where is Monte Kaolino?
The Monte Kaolino amusement park is located in Hirschau, Upper Palatinate, Bavaria.
17Are the Amberg-Sulzbacher Land brochures also available for download?
Yes, you can find the brochures for which the file size allows it in the brochure store at the bottom.
18Are there souvenirs in the Amberg-Sulzbach region?
Yes, you can take a bottle of the original Wacholderwanderweg gin home with you. However, this will not be sent out. You have to buy it either at the Tourist-Info Amberg (Hallplatz 2, 92224 Amberg), at the Pension Stauber (Marktplatz 28, 92277 Hohenburg) or at the Marktladen Hohenburg (Marktplatz 19, 92277 Hohenburg).